Schools and trainings

Schools & trainings

Our interactive and multimedia method is exceptionally suitable for trainings and schools as well as for higher or professional trainings. The educational process is enforced by providing multimedia information at specific locations and/or timings. In this manner we can transfer knowledge in a modern way! 

Further on; for tours in the context of a training we provide an extra discount: 14€ p.p., for every 10 students one supervisor can join for free. Below you can see the basic options we provide, which can be adjusted and/or extended to your needs.

Students from 11 to 14 years old

Specifically for this age-range we lift the interactivity to a higher level with an extended assignment for the students: design your own port! Step by step the guide will show the pupils how the port of Antwerp deals with certain challenges and problems, after which they can implement this new knowledge in their own design. At the end of the tour the pupils have to present their designs after which there is time for feedback. This assignment can be processed at school before or after the tour and it can be quoted by the teacher.

Students from 15 to 99 years old

Starting at age 15, pupils and students tend to have very specific interests. In collaboration with the teacher or professor we will therefore work out a tour that meets the class' subject as much as possible. If applicable we will try to invite an employee or representative from the port aboard the bus to provide specific information and answer live questions. A successful concept that has proved it's value for schools like Thomas More, the Karel De Grote Highschool, Vives and Vlerick business school.

Sustainable development
in collaboration with Unitar / Cifal Flanders

In collaboration with Unitar / Cifal Flanders we offre a comprehensive and high-level sustainable-development-in-the port training. You may expect exclusive guests, company visits and a unique insight in this topical subject. This tour has a quality-label of the UN.
  • Length of the training: min. 6 hours
  • Price p.p. for professionals: 95€
  • Prices are all-in
  • Info and reservations: website Cifal Flanders

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