Extra's and combinations

Extra's and combinations

Our tours can be extended and adjusted to your needs and wishes. Below there are some frequently asked suggestions. Scroll down to read more about the possible combinations with external partners. Do you have an other specific wish or question? Let us know and we'll take care of it! 
  • Start/end location of your choice
    Without charge if at max 5km from the MAS, e.g. at the Central Station o at the Steenplein.

  • Extension of the tour
    Add a visit to the left bank while on a right bank tour and vice versa: this is possible!
    Total length of the extended tour: 3h, there is an extra cost of +5€ p.p.

  • Coffee / Soda / Cava / Gin with a view on the port activities
    We bring along drinks and park our bus at a fantastic location for a well appreciated stopover. 
    Coffee / soda at 2,5€ p.p., Cava / Gin at 3,5€ p.p.

  • Your own customized tour
    You bring your own drinks, food, picknick, or you wish to have a walk in one of the natural reservers while our bus waits for you. 
    Possible at 75€/h
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Combinations with partners

The Gaarkeuken 110

This restaurant is literally located in between containers. You may expect a simple but decent meal while you share the room with dockers and terminal managers: an unique location which you would otherwise never visit. Suitable for groups up to 80 persons, lunch starts at 12€ p.p., diner starts at 18€ p.p.

La Pipe D'Anvers

Dit haven-getinte restaurant is gelegen in het hart van de Cadixwijk, vlakbij 'het kot': de verzamelplaats van de havenarbeiders. U kan er terecht voor ontbijt, lunch of diner en mag zich verwachten aan een uiterst gezellige sfeer en een prima keuken. Geschikt voor groepen tot max. 49 personen, lunch vanaf 18€ p.p., diner vanaf 22€ p.p. Meer info op lapipedanvers.be

Out Of The Box Escape Games

They will lock you up! But you won't be on your own. Each box can be played by teams of up to 4 or 6 people, trying to escape together. The room is one giant puzzle without instructions, and by combining logical thinking and teamwork, every item in the room will become useful along the way and during the hour you come closer and closer to the code of the door. Every room is totally different so you will be challenged again and again. No knowledge or language is required to play the rooms. They only require some basic English or Dutch so they can give you tips and explanations if needed. More info at outoftheboxescapegames.com

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